Do all these diaper changes and question-answering really matter?

Does it really matter?

The diaper changing, the dish washing, the answering the same question 100 times, the teaching and re-teaching, the telling, the asking, the waiting, the doing.

Well, yes. It all matters. Every bit of it.

The way you know which plate and fork they prefer.

The way you know how to cut their pancake, without them even having to ask.

The way you sing to them in the morning as they wipe the sleepies out of their eyes.

The way you get down to their level and apologize after you’ve “had a moment”.

The way you look at them, so beyond proud, when they’ve mastered the skill they’ve been practicing.

The way you muster enough energy to explain why it’s important to be kind after they were fighting over which chair they wanted to sit at.

The way you show them how to properly brush their teeth.

The way you do the funny voice when you read their favorite book.

The way you wait for them to try to do their buckle because “I can do it by myself!”

The way you chug onward, even after being called a “bad mommy.”

The way you bury the exhaustion and put a smile on.

The way you advocate for your children—for them to be seen, heard, respected and validated.

The special treat you give them and the many cookies you’ve baked with them.

The hugs and braids and high fives and kisses.

The nights you’ve stayed with them until they’ve fallen asleep, and the nights you’ve rocked them after a bad dream.

The hours spent nursing, driving, wiping, cooking, washing, calming, planning, explaining, working, hustling, consoling.

The adventures planned and trips taken.

The late nights and early mornings.

The careful attention to detail on their birthdays, holidays and special celebrations.

It. All. Matters. Everything. All that you’re doing—day in and day out. The small things, the big things, the invisible things.

I know it’s easy to forget how important the little bits of motherhood are. But I just wanted to remind you: your work is crucial. Your work is holy. And your work matters.

Very much, actually. ❤️

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