The kind of relationship I hope my husband + daughters have as they grow up

I saw this Alexa commercial yesterday where the adult daughter, maybe in her early twenties, video called her Dad to ask for help with a recipe she was cooking for a date. The dad helped her by giving her directions for her delicious looking pasta, the doorbell rang, she asked him if she looked okay, he asked what the guy’s name was and she laughed and said, “Bye, Dad!” without giving him his name.

It was so cute and I cried because that’s how I roll and it made me think—that’s the kind of relationship I hope my girls and my husband are fostering right now, every day, bit by bit.

I hope that when they’re older, they call him on their way to meet someone for a date and he jokes around with them asking where they’re going and what the person’s name is.

I hope they call him for recipes and to ask him if he’s watching the Celtics game and whether they should cut their hair short or not.

I hope they ask him to go car shopping with them and if he’d check out the apartment they’re looking at.

I hope they know they can call him whenever they feel like they’re in some sort of trouble and that he would do absolutely anything for them. Just as I would.

I hope they visit with him, call him just to say hi, and want to spend time with him.

I want them to feel supported by him, loved beyond measure by him, encouraged by him, and just as comfortable going to him with things as they do me.

By the end of my thought tangent after that commercial I realized, I know that’s exactly the kind of relationship that’s in the making right now.

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