So it turns out, going to sleep early is nice

So I did it! Day one. I went to bed by 9:50pm. I recently had a night where I passed out by like 8pm, but I think I was sick and totally burned out so I couldn’t even function anymore—bed was the only choice. But last night, the kitchen was cleaned up from dinner by ~6:45, the girls were in bed by 7:30-7:45 and then Colin and I were able to watch two episodes of Silicon Valley before my screen time was over for the night.

The key for me getting to bed on time but also feeling like I got some time to relax before just going to sleep (sleep has always seemed boring to me when there are SO MANY OTHER THINGS I COULD BE DOING) is keeping the evening routine on track. If dinner is late then the girls bedtime will be late then I will most likely go to bed later because I’ll try to squeeze too many things in before bed.

So, I have to keep that in mind.

But, anyway, the TV was off by 9 and I plugged my phone in and put it down by like 9:02 (to be precise). I washed my face and put a face mask on, brushed my teeth, and then I combined a few drops of lavender essential oils with coconut oil and rubbed it on my feet. It felt awesome and smelled amazing. Then I washed my face mask off, put on my nighttime moisturizer and eye cream.

For some reason figuring out a skincare routine has been, like, so confusing to me… so I am always looking to learn more about that and basically would love to consult with someone who can see my skin and help me understand what I should be using at night and in the morning and just tell me what to buy. I’m willing to spend some money on it but also don’t want to spend a fortune. Ahh the dilemma…

Okay back to the bedtime routine.

So then I went into my room, put my lavender oils in my diffuser, sprayed my lavender spray on my pillow and climbed into my freshly made sheets (best feeling!). I read my book for about 25 minutes (with my FAB new book lamp) and when I was feeling super tired and kind of bored of reading, I decided I would go to bed. It was about 9:45. I set up a sleep time meditation on the Headspace app and drifted off to sleep.

This morning when we woke up, Colin said how bizarre it was to see me sound asleep when he turned his book lamp out and stopped reading. He is ALWAYS asleep before me!

The kids slept through the night (actually, I think Lucy woke up but went to Colin and he helped her out) which was great and so when Natalie woke up super early (like she always does), Colin brought her into our bed for me to nurse her and we fell back to sleep. Then Colin tried to move her back into her crib once she was sound asleep (this thought process is so that I could get up and workout without worrying about her rolling off the bed) but she woke up and was bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Which turned out to be just fine. I had my celery juice and some water and decided our TV time would be this morning, so I put one of our faves on, Bubble Guppies, while I did a 20-minute Peloton ride. They always sucker me into keeping the TV on longer so they ended up watching about an hour of TV while I made my coffee and started this post.

Okay so enough of me droning on and on… I wanted to talk about how I feel. I feel much more energetic than I usually do when I wake up. Honestly, my typical wake ups are usually one of my kids basically dragging me out of bed whenever they wake up. I’m groggy and so lethargic and definitely don’t want to be getting out of bed. I drag myself to the coffee maker and fuel up with caffeine. It has been my life for five years.

This morning I woke up still a little tired, but definitely with much more energy than I usually have. I’m working on a better morning routine too (they’re all obviously connected), so I started the morning at 6 am with celery juice (thanks to Colin making it!) then some water before I worked out. I did a 20-minute Peloton ride, then had a cup of coffee. I made my Fab 4 smoothie (thanks to nutritionist Kelly LeVeque!) and that has kept me full since about 9 am.

I am going to make lunch for myself in a minute which will be zucchini noodles with broccoli and chicken. But other than that I’ve just had water, one more (and final) cup of coffee, and a cup of this strawberry flavored cashew yogurt drink thingy.

Anyway, I am feeling good so far! Usually I feel exhausted by this time in the afternoon (it’s almost 2 pm) and I definitely don’t right now so that is super encouraging. I am going to stick to my plan tonight too even though it’s New Year’s Eve. The thought of that last year or any other year would have been mind-boggling, but the fact that missing the ball drop on TV this year isn’t freaking me out means that I am taking myself seriously. I’m proud of that.

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