Am I giving my kids enough space to dream?

I don’t think that we have enough time to dream. We are sometimes rushing and hustling and planning away too much of the space that we need—that I crave—to dream. We’re catching up on emails, we’re cleaning the house, we’re shuttling to activities, we’re planning play dates, we’re going to the meeting—we’re going going going. But are we stopping enough to think, “What if…?”

And I wonder if I’m giving my kids enough opportunity to dream. I hope I am. I think I am—now—but I worry about when they’re out of my sphere more and into the universe (aka school) more. Will their days be too structured for dreaming? Will that stifle their creativity?

Although, kids thrive on routine and predictability (in a general sense anyway), so maybe that’s what they’ll need. Maybe they’ll dream inside these environments or maybe they’ll save that specific way of thinking for outside of their school walls. Or maybe they’ll go to an amazing school which encourages dreamers.

Their days right now have some school (Pre-k four days a week for 2.5 hours for Maggie) and some activities (Maggie does tap/ballet and Lucy and Natalie go to a music class), but there is a LOT of free play right now. They dress up, make up dances, play with their doll house, go into their craft supplies and make creations, run around in our backyard, etc.

I like this freedom.

What has your experience been with your kids? When kindergarten starts, and they’re in “the real world” a bit more—what are you finding? How has it changed your child? What are the improvements you see? I’d love to know! Maggie starts kindergarten in the fall and I’m already wondering what it’ll all be like. 🤔

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