I can’t preach to you—about courage + kindness—without modeling them myself

My daughters,

I can’t tell you three to be brave without digging deep and finding the courage inside to push myself outside of my comfort zone.

So I will push.

I can’t encourage you to speak up for yourself without showing you how.

So I will use my voice.

I can’t tell preach how important kindness is if I don’t treat every single person I encounter with kindness myself.

So I will model it.

I can’t say things like, “Follow your heart” or “Trust your intuition” or “Listen to your gut” if I’m not going to go out on a limb and do that myself.

So I will take a deep breath and do what scares me.

I won’t allow my actions to set you up for a life of people pleasing and doing anything anyone asks of you—these actions include running myself into the ground and taking care of everyone around me without putting myself on the list.

I will put an end to these things.

I can’t tell you that every body is different and unique and beautiful and that you should always respect and love your body—if I’m constantly thinking about how much happier I’d be if I lost some weight.

I will find joy and appreciation for my body always.

I can’t tell you to be confident and know that you can do anything with some inspiration and hard work—if I’m doubting myself and my abilities.

I will believe in myself.

I can’t tell you to always stand up for what’s right if I’m sitting on the sidelines.

I will advocate. 

I can’t tell you that your dreams are valid if I’m not treating my own with respect.

I will reach for what I want.

I can’t tell you that your heart matters most, if I’m neglecting mine.

I will be gentle.

Being a role model for you three girls is a privilege I don’t take lightly. With every move I make, I think of you, I do it for you.

You are making me better every single second of every single day. Thank goodness for you.

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