I have 3 kids and had 3 VERY different birth experiences

Were yours different too?

I took Hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with Maggie and decided I’d try for an unmedicated birth. I had bad back labor and utilized the shower and tub A LOT. It took about 12 hours after I got to the hospital to deliver her (and that was a very challenging 12 hours.) But I did it and became a mother for the first time!

With Lucy, I didn’t really plan much for my birth, honestly. I figured I would just try for the same thing that went down with Maggie, but maybe use the laughing gas or get an epidural if I wanted to. Well, she arrived about 2 hours after we got to the hospital and her shoulder got stuck coming out and it was a bit of a chaotic experience. So Lucy’s birth turned out to be unmedicated, a little traumatic, but exhilarating, too—especially when I got to hold my baby.

Both Maggie and Lucy were delivered by 2 of the most wonderful midwives in the world! I loved them so much, but when I was pregnant with Natalie they had merged with a big doctor’s office and so I decided to give another place closer to me a try. So enter my OB-GYN who delivered Nat, Dr. Bill Chun.

After Lucy’s birth, I was really scared thinking about giving birth again. (PS: I know people endure a LOT more trauma than I did and God bless them.) So for Natalie’s birth, I decided in advance that I would get an epidural, and I did. And it was truly an amazing experience. I was present, I was chatting, I was relaxed, I—dare I say—enjoyed the whole thing. It was incredible. (And I know these aren’t some people’s cup of tea and that’s okay by me, but for me it was 👌👌👌.)

And you know what? Each time I’ve given birth, I’ve felt like a warrior. Like I could do anything, be anything. They were the 3 most inspiring days of my life and I’m so beyond grateful for each of them. I could relive meeting my babies for the 1st time over and over again.

When it comes to giving birth my unsolicited advice would be: Do your research, have a loose plan, be open to the plan changing, and afterward—honor your experience however it feels like you want and need to. It’s different for each one of us.❤️


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