Storytelling is important in all areas of life. But, for me, it has been especially important along my motherhood journey. I have been writing about motherhood—and all the beauty + chaos that comes with it—since I became a mother for the first time five years ago.

And in those five years I’ve shared stories about why I love mesh postpartum underwear (😂), how different my three births have been, why I used Hypnobirthing the first time around and why I chose an epidural the third time around.

I’ve written many love letters to my husband about what it’s like raising three children together and love letters to other moms in the trenches letting them know that they’re not failing. They’re actually showing up for their kids—in many different ways—every single day.

I’ve written to my sister about how sorry I am because I had no idea what being a mother entailed when she became one for the first time. I’ve written about why I love motherhood, but also miss my freedom of my pre-mom life, too. I have shared why I want to be a stay at home mom AND a working mom and that heart-wrenchingly impossible feeling. I’ve written about multitasking and the mental load and how real that four month sleep regression is.

To me, sharing our struggles and triumphs, our challenges and successes binds us together on this wild ride. I aim to be vulnerable enough to share all of those with you, because I want other mothers to know that they aren’t alone in their wide range of feelings. I really appreciate people reading the words I write and I hope they bring mamas comfort and validation.

I am married to a wonderful man named Colin (yes, Colin + Colleen… slightly ridiculous, I know!) and we have three lively and hilarious kids. We live in Massachusetts and have family in New York and Vermont so you can often find us there if we’re not in MA.

I’d love to write for you or talk more about any editing needs. While I have found my niche in the motherhood space, I do have experience writing in other fields as well. Feel free to contact me for any inquiries! colleenmarytemple@gmail.com.

Thanks for being here.



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