Thank you for being my greatest teachers

And when the day is done, and the sun has set… 🌅

When the dishes are cleaned (or not yet)…

When the laundry piles are too tired to judge you anymore, and the crumbs disappear into the exhaustion you feel…

When the whole house is quiet and you’ve finally crawled into bed hopeful for sleep but running through your to-do list instead…

Know that you were enough today.

You DID enough.

You ARE enough. ✨

When you check on your babies, and admire them while they sleep

As their chest rises and falls, up and down, up and down

And your heart beats with complete and unconditional love

There you stand—full of gratitude and joy for these children of yours

For the blessing they are

Your life can be full of stress and worry and real life challenges like bills and big decisions and responsibilities

But it’s a life that it is worth it all

Because of those chests that safely rise up and down, up and down

That cause your heart to beat with all the love in the world. ❤️

Nighttime is the perfect time to stop and appreciate the work of motherhood and the wonder of it, too.

I often stare at them in admiration at the end of the day. They work me to the bone—pulling out every emotion (for them *and* me) possible—and yet, they also love me with every ounce of their fiery, enthusiastic, energetic beings.

And while I admire them, I think: I want to be like you, I want to love like you.

Thank you for being the greatest teachers I’ll ever have. 🙏

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