You, mama, should be proud

Be proud of yourself.

When you feel like you’re gonna lose it, but somehow you muster the patience inside you to keep it together—be proud.

When you don’t find that handy dandy patience, and so, you apologize to your child for losing your cool—be proud.

When you piece together a decent dinner with very few ingredients because you didn’t get to the grocery store yet—be proud.

When you decide to wear that pretty top you love, even though you can see the softness of your stomach in it, but decide you don’t care anymore—be proud.

When you make it through a busy day of school drop off, music class, pick up, dance class, work stuff, dinner time, bath time, bedtime, errands, etc. etc. etc.—be proud.

When you rock the baby to sleep for the third time and then everyone wakes up by 6 am yet you still have a smile on your face to greet your kiddos despite your exhaustion—be proud.

When you and your partner are on your A game working together as a team, when you make time for a fun date night, when you discover something new about each other—be proud.

When you put yourself first by going to the movies with a friend, by going away for the weekend (without the kids!), by getting a quiet cup of coffee in a cute cafe by yourself—be proud.

When you find the energy and enthusiasm to play your child’s made up game even though you have about 1,000 things begging for your attention on your to-do list—be proud.

When you make the impossible possible—be proud.

When you’ve trudged through that hard season—be proud.

When you take the high road. When you stand your ground. When you speak up for yourself. When you validate your own dreams and treat them with the respect they deserve. When you recognize that you’re one amazing mother and human. BE PROUD. ✨

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