No matter how you see yourself, they see beauty, light + love

No matter how you see yourself today,
or yesterday,
or the day before…
They will always look at you and see
beauty and light,
compassion and love,
fun and joy.
Perfection in the truest sense.

They will look to you for reassurance,
for guidance,
for help,
for comfort.

You don’t have to wear fancy clothes,
or remember mascara.
You don’t have to always say the right thing,
or sing in tune.
You don’t have to lose five pounds,
or know the answer to the question.

You are their everything,
their moon and stars
their sun and clouds
their night and day.

They just want you around,
to laugh and play,
to dance and twirl,
to jump and run,
to cook and bake,
to cuddle and hug,
to chat and pray.

To them, you are it.
You are the best.
Every inch of you,
every “imperfection,”
every part that bothers you.

They love you because
you’re their mom,
and you give them everything you have,
your whole heart.

And that’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

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