Christmas sickness, no thank you

‘Twas the month that starts Christmas, 🎄
when all through the house…

The germs started flowing,
(but hopefully no louse!).

The Motrin was stacked in the cabinet with care.
In hopes that when needed most, our medicine stash wouldn’t be bare.

The children were nestled, all snuggled up nice and tight… then *at least* one came into our bed for most of the night.

And Dad in his jammies and, I in my sweats—“Who will puke first? Are we placing any bets?”

When out of the kid’s room there arose such a clatter, and I ran like the wind to see what was the matter.

It was my preschooler, her fever ran high,
What—it’s already 3am? Oh my goodness, another full day is nigh.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a rash on her arm and from bloodshot eyes, came a tear.

With a little whimper, so sad and so quick, she said with heavy eyes, “Mama, I don’t like being sick!”

“What could it be?” she asked, looking right up at me.
And I shrugged and I stammered and I called some options by name: A fever! A cough! Fifths disease or a cold! Croup! Conjunctivitis! “It’s going around”, so I’m told.

“Let’s go to the bathroom to get medicine for you.” “And don’t forget to take my temperature, Mom, and I’d like a lukewarm bath, too.”

And then in a twinkling, she started to feel better. Though she won’t be in school tomorrow, still… I should write a letter.

As I thought back on Flupocalypse 2017, I thought to myself, “that HAS to have be the worst we’ve ever seen.”

This winter must be healthier! I can’t take all the sick.
Maybe I can ask for that from Saint Nick…?

Get some elderberry and suck that stuff down!
Buy all the sanitizer—seriously, go to town!
Pump the essential oils, thieves if you please!
Wash your hands like a wild woman—we don’t want no disease!

I will now exclaim, when anyone is in sight—
Happy Christmas to all, your nasty germs give me a fright!

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