Motherhood is messy

I mean, laughable levels of mess sometimes. (Like when my oldest covered her full body in my lipstick when I wasn’t looking.)

When we were in the throes of newborn life, I was covered in spit up 24/7. My hair was dirty (wait—that hasn’t changed), the diapers were dirty, and our clothes were dirty.

Toddlerhood has brought on different levels of the toddler tornado. Our firstborn’s messes were mild, now looking back. Our second born is able to dump everything faster than you could sing one verse of the clean up song, and our third? She does the same but then will have also painted something she wasn’t supposed to AND has scaled the walls in order to climb up to the ceiling.

Our house is often in a state of disarray. Crumbs, toys, crayons, laundry—you name it, it’s on the floor.

I’m often a mess. Like in the haven’t showered yet today, need to put on another version of my uniform because this has peanut butter wiped on it, and my hair is so dirty thank God for the one baseball cap that fits me nicely kinda way.

My emotions can be messy. I mean, as a mother, your heart is always open and exposed—of course it’s messy.

But in the messiness of newborn life there were moments when we’d stop in awe and think, wow—this tiny human is the coolest person ever and WE created them.

And in the messiness of toddlerhood we realized, wow—this tiny human is now growing into a real person who knows words and songs and how to do things and they blow our minds daily.

In the messiness at home we’ve realized—we have created a safe and loving space for our children to learn and grow in, where they are free to make mistakes AND discoveries.

When I feel or look like a mess, I remind myself—I’m doing so much every single day. So much for my kids and family. I may not always look put together, but I‘m the glue that holds my family together and that’s more important than a good outfit.

When my emotions get messy, I remind myself—slow down. This is a lot. I am putting my heart into the world every day. I’m alive in my vulnerability and in my own mistakes and discoveries. Life is messy because it’s imperfect and it’s imperfect because it’s real. ✌️

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