Toddlers are strange + magnificent creatures

Think about it…

Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 10.27.43 AMThey’ll lick basically anything within tongue distance of their mouth.

They run while looking the other way and crash into toys/walls/people/animals.

They try to touch their poop while getting their diaper changed.

They’ll go two nights in a row sleeping through the night to a night where they wake up for a party (of one) from 3-6am.

They give the best kisses around. No matter how much peanut butter is on their face or how much their nose is running.

They run around like a small get drunken sailor.

They climb things they have absolutely no business climbing, like the TV console or the kitchen table or your back/head/face.

They tell you ‘no’ and laugh in you’re face—even when you’re trying to feed them delicious food or trying to keep them safe or trying to teach them something interesting. Sometimes they just don’t give a flying F.

They turn and scoot backwards until they plop themselves right in your lap when they want to cozy up.

They eat dirt. And sand. And boogers. And bath water. 🤢

They laugh with their whole body.

They smile with everything they’ve got.

They dance with every ounce of enthusiasm available.

They cuddle like no one else.

They melt our hearts.

They do what they want.

They live by their own rules.

They are the cutest, best people ever invented. Thank goodness for these wild people we call toddlers. 💓

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