I am a mother, and I deserve to feel sexy

Feeling sexy when you’re a mother—why can it be so tough?

Why can it feel uncomfortable?

Is it my stretch marks?
My softness?
The larger size on my jeans?

Is it because my brain feels fried some days?
Because my heart feels heavy sometimes?
Because my style seems forgotten?

Or maybe it’s all the boogers wiped on me by tiny humans?
Or all the to-dos I jot down all day?
Or all the diapers I change?

Can mothers be sexy? Yes. We deserve to feel sexy. Sexy feels good. Sexy feels powerful. Sexy feels confident. Sexy feels strong.

I’m learning that perfection doesn’t equal sexy.

Sexy is a kiss from my husband in bed.

It’s when I feel like I’m being my most authentic.

It’s not being afraid of my curves.

It’s embracing my unique attributes that make me who I am.

It’s being comfortable in my skin.

It’s a shared love with my husband—one that empowers each other and strengthens our partnership.

It’s figuring out who I am and what I’m here for and then being unapologetically her.

It’s loving myself. Being kind to myself. Not beating myself up.

And sometimes, (for me) it’s putting on a cleavage-bearing sweater, lipstick, and some new earrings for dinner with my girlfriends. 😉👌

It’s okay to feel sexy. We’re mothers, yes. But that doesn’t make us any less human.

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