What I want, more than anything in life, is to keep you safe

What I want
more than anything in life
is to keep you safe
and show you
all the love
in my heart.

All I want
is to teach you
to act with compassion,
to treat people with kindness,
to have pride in what you do,
to respect yourself and others,
to help those who need it,
to love with an open and humble heart.

What I want
is for you to dream big,
to work hard for those dreams.
I want to help build your wings—
and the strength in my heart as well—
so that I can encourage you to, one day, go fly.
To test out the world,
and come back to tell me about it.

I am doing
all that I can
today and every day
to try my best
with your father
to shape you into
good humans.

One day you will know
that we gave it our all
even though we made mistakes
and didn’t have all the answers.
Please be gentle with us,
and always come back. ❤️

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