“Ugh, it must be teething”

Guys—how many times have you or your spouse/partner said, “Ugh, it must be teething” to each other?? 😂

After three kids, we have probably said it about one million times. We’ve blamed SO MUCH on teething and to this day, we have very little clue if the fussiness or lack of sleep or whatever the issue was, was actually due to teething or not. 💯

The baby woke up at 1am, 3am *and* 5am? Must be teething!

Runny nose? Teething.

Gnawing on their plate instead of food? Yep, teething!

Extra grumpy today? Teething again.

Slight fever? Teething, duh.

Doesn’t want broccoli today but did yesterday? Teething.

Weird poop? Must be a new tooth.

Nursing, nursing, nursing? Teeth, teeth, teeth.

Bit their sister? “Awww, I’m so sorry, honey, she must be getting a new tooth.”

Drool? Teeth, obviously.

Full moon? Crap, she’s gonna pop a tooth tonight! 😫

Most of it all probably hasn’t been teething, but dang, it feels nice to blame it on something doesn’t it?! 🙌

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