An ode to greasy hair

An ode to greasy hair.

I went five days without washing my hair last week. That was up there when it comes to records of me not washing my hair. It was greasy, and starting to form some interesting animal nest/top knot bun combo thingy. It was getting weird. 🙃

But there was a lot going on during those days—I was busy. Sometimes I have to decide between getting Maggie to school relatively on time or showering… sometimes I have to decide between shaving my legs or washing my hair… sometimes I want to want wash my hair but I just… don’t. Because I’m tired. Because does anyone really care? And because people say it’s better not to wash it too much anyway and, so, really—I’m just doing what I’m told and following the rules of healthy hair. 💁‍♀️

Hats (or the *one* baseball cap that I own that fits me correctly) are for greasy hair days. Headbands are for greasy hair days. Big, wild, top of your head hair ‘dos are for greasy hair days. And a not giving an eff attitude is also for greasy hair days. 🙅🏽‍♀️

My latest record has taught me this: sometimes your hair may look nice and clean and it’s doing something fancy, and other days it’ll look greasy and like a squirrel is super cozy and warm up in there but ya know what—you’re still beautiful and you’re still awesome and you’re still out there making 30 meals per day and negotiating with people who are 3 feet tall and working hard to make your dreams come true.

Greasy hair just means you have more important things to do. ✌️

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