It’s a lot of small things that make a family

It’s a lot of small things that make a family.

Piling in Mom and Dad’s bed on a Sunday morning

Making pancakes together

Getting excited for movie night

Tucking tired kids in after they’ve fallen asleep

Watching siblings laugh together

Wild toddler bath times

Adventuring together out in the world

Cozying up together at home

Celebrations with grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins

Dance parties in the living room

Tea parties in the kitchen

Family yoga lessons led by a 5-year-old

Praying together for those you love

Looking at photo albums

Freezing your butts off outside making snowmen on a snowy day

The little things are the big things. They’re memories, moments in time. Moments we want to last forever, knowing that they won’t. Moments we want to hold on tight to, knowing that they’ll change and grow into another form, another phase. Moments we want to remember as clearly as when they are happening in real time, knowing that they’ll fade over the years.

We are a family filled with love and imperfection. With faith and uncertainty. With joy and sometimes pain. With caring for and fighting with. With laughter and tears. With personality and enthusiasm.

(We’re also filled with people who can’t handle an iPhone camera flash before 7am on a Sunday!👆😂)

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