An ode to mom jeans

I used to only where low-rise jeans. (Like dangerously low.) I wrote an essay recently about a pair of Abercrombie + Fitch pants I was obsessed with back in the day. I haven’t worn low-rise jeans in SO long, I’m kind of in disbelief I actually wore pants that went down *that* low.

I said goodbye to that ridiculous style years and years ago. And my jeans of today couldn’t be more different than those scandalous slacks I used to wear.

I pull those bad boys up so high
And squeeze them over both beautiful thighs.
Each love handle is nicely tucked in—
American Eagle super-high rise, for the win!
My belly button has gone and disappeared—
These pants are something I once feared.
Are these “mom jeans”?
I guess they are…
But you can’t really tell from afar.
Unless I’m posing a pic like this on Instagram,
But I’m just doing this for my social media fam.
Ladies, wear your high-rise’s with pride
And know that I am definitely on your side.
Don’t be ashamed and don’t think they’re lame,
I’m over here wearing mine saying, ”same,girl,same.”
They make me feel comfy, they make me feel cute—and AE *always* has good sales, to boot!
To my treasured super-high rise jeans—I hope you never change or go out of style,
Cause, honestly? Imma need you around for a long while.

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