To the mom who didn’t leave her house today—I feel you

There are days we don’t leave the house because someone’s not feeling well or we don’t have plans or Maggie doesn’t have school so we don’t have to drive her. And that is something people don’t tell you about becoming a mom—that there will be days you’ll literally just stay at home all day.

Sometimes, for multiple days in a row. Sometimes in the same clothes. Sometimes you’ll remember to brush your teeth, sometimes you won’t. (Kidding… I think?… Did I brush my teeth today?…) Sometimes you’ll feel like you only breastfed, cooked meals, and picked up crayons and Cheerios and crap (okay, toys) all day long.

Sometimes, you’ll only ever speak to your tiny humans. Sometimes the only other interaction will be texting with your partner or calling your mom. Sometimes the only in-person human interaction ALL DAY will be with said partner when they get home from work.

Sometimes, you’ll feel like you’re going coocoo. Sometimes you will need to just play out back or take a walk to have a slight change of scenery. Sometimes you will feel trapped about it. Sometimes you’ll feel cozy about it. Sometimes you’ll feel lonely. Sometimes you’ll feel okay. But whatever the feeling is—it’s temporary and won’t last forever.

This, my friend, is what I call a season of survival mode. And our seasons will change and we will not be inside as much because kiddos will be feeling better and the warm weather will make it easier to go outside or get to the park with friends. These winter days will be behind us.

Spring freedom is coming, mama, so hold on…


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