Failure is a normal human feeling

It happens. It doesn’t feel great, but it is a reality of life.

I think failure is scary because you have to admit you don’t actually have control of everything and that you’re flawed.

Failure is scary because you’ve put yourself on the line and you were vulnerable with something that maybe didn’t work out.

Failure is scary because it forces you to pause and sit stuck in the muck for a bit. To really be with your feelings and your uncertainties. It can feel heavy.

But I *think* I’m in the process of realizing that being hard on yourself when you’ve failed—is taking the easy way out. When you’ve “failed”, you can just beat up on yourself and criticize yourself and be embarrassed and move on. Pretend it didn’t happen. You‘re not open enough to learn from the experience or to give yourself what you truly need in that moment: grace and clarity.

I’m going to challenge myself to *not* take the easy way out when I fail at something. I’m going to try to acknowledge what went wrong, learn from the experience, take something away from it—and be proud of myself for doing so.

I hope that by being gentle with myself throughout my feelings of failure will lead to growth. To inspiration. To creation. To a better version of myself.

I hope that maybe it can be the same for you. ❤️



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