Dear stomach, I don’t hate you

Dear stomach,

I’ve decided that I no longer hate you.
I’m no longer angry at you.
I’m no longer holding out for your magical disappearance.

You will no longer hold power over me.
You will no longer bring me shame.
You will no longer make me uncomfortable.

I will never wear more than one pair of Spanx at a time.
I will never speak unkindly about you.
I will never let you dictate my mood.

You’ve given me too much to continue with this toxic view of you.

Three healthy pregnancies.
Three beautiful babies.
Three children to model what having a healthy body image looks like.
Three children who deserve to see their mother treat her body with respect.

Pregnancy is the reason I have Diastasis Recti and my muscles are separated.
Pregnancy is the reason for my stretch marks.
Pregnancy is the reason I have the beautiful, fulfilling life I’ve always wanted.

You are a big part of my story.
You’ve played a starring role, in fact.
And it’s time you get the recognition you deserve.


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