This too shall pass

If you’re stuck,
or things are changing in your life…
If you’re going through something,
or are in the in between…
I wanted to share something with you.

It’s not going to last forever.

This morning, as I played outside with the kids, I was thinking about how it’s March. Already! Even among the piles of snow surrounding me, I could picture spring in my head.

And even if March turns out to be cold and snowy, April will be here before we know it and the snow *should* be gone by then. The temperature will start to rise and we’ll start thinking about what we’ll plant this year.

Soon there will be flowers and Easter planning and short-sleeves and more daylight and freedom for our feet in the form of sandals and flip flops.

Not everything stays as is. Things change: seasons, people, opinions, fads, feelings. And sometimes you have to sit in feelings you don’t want to sit in, until they pass. And sometimes you have to trudge through hard seasons until they’ve passed.

But they WILL pass. They’ll go on their way and you’ll feel other things. You’ll be in a new season. Your perspective will shift, and things will look different.

The sleepless nights won’t last forever.
The snow days won’t last forever.
The new mom isolation/hibernation won’t last forever.
The adjustment period after baby for you and your partner won’t last forever.
The stress of changing jobs or figuring out budgets won’t last forever.
The loneliness of moving to a new city won’t last forever.
The busy season of raising young kids won’t last forever.

Things get better, things get get worse. There are endings and new beginnings. There’s happiness and sadness and frustration and inspiration and anger and jealousy and pity and joy and exhaustion and resilience and determination.

Things change. The highs will never last forever, and the lows won’t either. So keep on keeping on and try your best to enjoy the ride.

We’re all human and we’re all just doing our best. ❤️


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