Yes, sometimes I’m the “I need a break” mom—but I’m always a good mom

Sometimes I’m the “Fine, one more show” mom.

Sometimes I’m the “I will give you M&M’s if you JUST get buckled” mom.

Sometimes I’m the “Okay, you don’t have to go to school today” mom.

Sometimes I’m the “Chicken nuggets for dinner again!” mom.

Sometimes I’m the “Climb on in, you can sleep with us tonight” mom.


Sometimes I’m the “Not right now” mom or the “I’ll get it in a minute” mom.

Sometimes I’m the “Yeah you can play a game on my phone” mom.

Sometimes I’m the “You will not get a treat after dinner if you don’t eat your food” mom.

Sometimes I’m the “PLEASE stop touching me for ONE second” mom.

Sometimes I’m the frustrated mom.

Or the no-more-patience mom.

The mad mom or sad mom.

The tired mom, the weight of the world on my shoulders mom.

The anxious mom, the worried mom.

The “I need a break” mom.

Sometimes I’m the “I remembered diapers” mom, and sometimes I’m not.

Sometimes I’m the calm mom or the brave mom, and sometimes I’m not.

But I’m the happiest mom.

And the filled to the brim with love mom.

I’m the cuddly mom and the “You can do it!” mom.

I’m the over the moon proud mom.

I’m the “Wow, we are lucky” mom.

I’m a grateful mom.

I’m a good mom.

I’m *their* mom.

And I’m the “I wouldn’t trade this for the whole damn world” mom—every single day.


We’re not any one thing.

We’re not any one emotion.

We’re not defined by our mistakes.

We’re not supposed to be perfect.

We’re not winning or losing.

What we are is a bunch of people trying to do our best. We’re trudging through the exhaustion and frustration—taking notice of the growth that’s happening and celebrating the tiny beautiful moments along the way. We’re holding on and letting go. We’re tripping, falling and getting back up.

We’re mothers and fathers and parents—we’re guardians, caregivers, teachers, magic makers and protectors.

We’re strong, determined and resilient.

We’re doing it. Every day.

Keep going. 


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