Into the thick of it

I am in full on getting this book out into the world mode. I’m both excited and terrified. There are moments I literally am thinking to myself, “Oh my GOD, I can’t wait for this to just be out there already and hear what people have to say!” one second, and then the next it’s, “What if I only get terrible, sad reviews and everyone hates it and I have to move into a dark cave and never see anyone ever again????”

It’s dramatic roller coaster of emotions.

Luckily as someone who is independently publishing, it means I have five million tasks to do before the book comes out so those are providing me with lots of distractions. I don’t have much time to focus on whether I think people will love it or hate it right now because there’s too much to do. I’ll save that for after the release! YAY! 😉

Anyway, just checking in to say hi! I am chugging along and trying to complete my to-do items as well as make it to as many end-of-year celebrations and other life celebrations that are happening at the moment. It is an EXCITING TIME, people!

But, before I know it, it will be the 21st of June and whoever wants to buy my book baby will be able to. It’s wild! Here are a few events I have planned so far if you’re available to attend.
Tuesday, 6/21, 12PM: IG live with Conz, a wonderful editor, writer, and friend chatting about all things motherhood and creativity. (And attempting to balance both!)

Wednesday, 6/22, 12PM: IG live with Laura, a YA romance author who wrote the FABULOUS It Must Bee Love (so so good), and the forthcoming Bee, In Love (I cannot wait to read it). 

Thursday, 6/23, 6-9PM: Launch event at The Wellness Space Newburyport with the amazing Ashley Mahoney of Arise Wellness and my stellar sister and BFFL Meg O’Neill who will be doing a guided meditation. We’ll have cookies, champagne, seltzer, fun stuff… you should come! I will read a portion of my book, and will be selling and signing books for those who want them!

Saturday, 6/25, 9-11AM: Book signing at Olive’s Coffee & Bakehouse. Come for a book or a BEYOND delicious cinnamon roll, or both!

Long Island event TBD, stay tuned!

Saturday, 7/16, 10AM-3PM: Olive’s Backyard Artisan’s Market. I’ll have a table selling and signing books along with many very amazing sounding/looking local artists. It will be a fun event!

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